Block Heads 4: Blocks 1 & 2

It’s that time again…Block Heads 4 is here and I’m excited to be included in the designers group! Moda and the designers have put some amazing effort into this year’s lineup of creative blocks that I know you’ll love and I’m going to be blogging about my blocks every couple of weeks!

Emma by Sherri & Chelsi

I’ll be using mostly fabrics from our new Emma fabric collection (shipping September 2022) for my blocks. I may be implementing some scraps from previous fabric collections, but will stick to using Emma for the most part. This collection is a huge plus because it gives an array of color options and prints to choose from.

Block 1, Square Wheel, designed by Lynn Hagmeier was a joy to make! I played around with color by mixing reds and pinks from our Emma collection! Also note that I’ll be making the 9.5″ unfinished blocks. I had so much fun piecing this sweet block! You can find the pattern on Lynn’s blog here!

Block 1: Square Wheel

Block 2, Coee, designed by Jenelle Kent is equally adorable. I found myself gravitating towards a pink/green/grey combo for this layout. This block uses simple piecing and you can find the pattern here!

Block 2: Cooee

I absolutely enjoyed piecing these blocks and can’t wait to share more blocks as the year goes by! I hope you’ll join me and the other designers on this fun adventure!



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Chelsi Stratton

Hi there! I'm Chelsi! I'm a mother, wife, and Moda Fabric Designer! I have also been designing quilt patterns for a few years now. I hope you're inspired when you visit my blog and leave with creativity in mind!

One thought on “Block Heads 4: Blocks 1 & 2”

  1. I loved seeing your fabric choices. Emma is a beautiful line. The finished quilt will be beautiful.

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