Hearts at Home Quilt Along: Everything You Need to Know

Hi there!

I have been a little quiet over here lately with everything that has been going on in the world, but I’m so excited about the Hearts at Home Quilt Along starting on April 6th!

Hearts at Home Quilt by Chelsi Stratton
Quilted by Marion Bott

I can’t believe it is literally less than a week away and I really want to thank everyone who is following along and joining in. My hope is that this will be a relaxing and really enjoyable quilt along. I will have a new blog post up every week as well as a post on my Instagram (@chelsistratton).

Ok so let’s get down to the details…

The quilt along will run from April 6th – May 18th and I will have scheduled prompts every week for you to follow (I will list those below). If you jump ahead that’s totally fine and up to you! I encourage everyone to go at a pace that feels comfortable for them. Also, be sure to take some progress pics because I would love to see them!

Week 1: Fabric Pull & Cutting

Week 2: Make Hearts & Make 4 Blocks

Week 3: Make 4 Blocks

Week 4: Make 4 Blocks

Week 5: Make 4 Blocks

Week 6: Sew Quilt Top Together

Now let’s talk about some other good stuff! First, Sarah Wilson of Crinklelove is offering 50% off your machine quilting!! Like whaaat!? She is so awesome! Also note that this is for the original pattern size of Hearts at Home (69×69). I will also be doing prizes every other week during the quilt along (weeks 2, 4 & 6) and I will share more about those when it gets closer! Fat Quarter Shop has been so kind to offer one of the prizes and I am so grateful for them and their support!

Be sure to purchase the pattern this week while it is still one sale. You can find a link to the pattern here. We will be using the hashtag #heartsathomeqal for this quilt along so please post photos of your weekly progress for me to see! If you have any other questions please feel free to email me! I am always happy to answer any and all questions that you may have. With that said, each weekly blog post will have fun tips and tricks for you to use. So! Follow along here and check in on Instagram because it is going to be so fun! I am so excited to sew along with an amazing group of people especially during a time when we all could use a little more love!

Be sure to stop by for next week’s blog post!


Chelsi Stratton

Bloomtopia Release 3 & 4

Hi there!

Today I can’t wait to share both Bloomtopia Release 3 and 4! You may have already made your release 3 blocks (way to go), but if you haven’t don’t worry because I will be talking about both releases in today’s post!

Release 3: Large Duckling Block

For Bloomtopia Release 3 you will be making two different blocks, the Duckling Blocks and Matchstick Blocks. You can download the pattern for Release 3 here. You’ll notice that there are A & B variations for each block! The more blocks the merrier I always say!

Small Duckling Block & Small Matchsticks Block

As noted before, we have been using our latest collection, Summer Sweet, for the charity quilt along. I have also enjoyed seeing other fabrics being used as well! The variety of different fabric lines has been refreshing to see on social media! Make sure to tag Fat Quarter Shop so they can see all of your fun blocks! You can also use the hashtag #bloomtopia as well!

Release 3 used easy to piece instruction and methods. I found while making the duckling blocks that making sure my triangles lined up perfectly helped tremendously!

Large Matchsticks Block

For more instruction on these blocks be sure to watch the video release for them here! There’s also a special bonus setting pattern for you to find here as well!

Sarah’s Choice Block

I am so excited to share the fun Release 4 Blocks today as well! There are two new blocks for Release 4…the Sarah’s Choice Block and the Goose and Gosling Block! You can find the blocks here. These blocks are so fun to make! They are the smallest blocks in the quilt so you will be doing some tiny piecing, but that’s nothing a little starch can’t fix!

You will be making flying geese and half square triangle units for the Sarah’s Choice Block. As I stated before, starch really helped me out while making these blocks. You really want to steer clear of frayed edges while piecing these tiny units. This will ensure that your blocks are easier to piece and end up being the correct size!

Goose and Gosling Block

The Goose and Gosling Blocks will be a breeze since you’ll be using methods you used from Release 3. Half square triangles and triangle units make these blocks so much fun and add a variety of color and prints. You will also be making two sets of this block as they will be in different sections of your final quilt layout.

We hope you have fun making these blocks and can’t wait to see your unique versions! If you would like more instruction for these blocks you can tune into Fat Quarter Shop on Youtube (here) to watch more!

The Bloomtopia Charity Quilt Along has already reach it’s goal and I am so excited for the families that this will bless and continue to bless in the future. It makes my heart so happy that people have come together for this great cause!

Thank you for following along with me here and I hope you enjoyed this weeks Release! Be sure to stop by in a couple more weeks for Release 5!



Hearts at Home Quilt Along

Good morning friends and Happy Valentines Day!

I am so excited to finally share more about the Hearts at Home quilt along! This has been on my mind for some time and I am thrilled to have so many people joining in! I also can’t wait to see all the pretty fabrics everyone uses!

You can find the Hearts at Home quilt in my Etsy shop here. Be sure to follow along here on my blog for updates and announcements for the quilt along starting April 6th!

I have always really loved log cabin blocks so designing this quilt was a lot of fun for me…and the hearts add that little extra bit of sweetness that every quilt needs! For me, Hearts at Home has always represented the quilt you cuddle up with at night, the gift you give to a friend in need, and a reminder of love in your home. Each quilt I design has a story and this most definitely came from a place of love.

Hearts at Home is a Jelly Roll quilt that also uses additional yardage to complete. For my quilts I used two matching Jelly Rolls, but mixing two different Jelly Rolls would be stunning as well. I always say as long as you’re using fabrics that you love then the quilt will turn out beautiful! You will also note that I used all pink fabrics for my hearts, but feel free to go outside of the box and use any other color you love! Any color heart is still a beautiful heart!

This quilt along is going to be very casual and fun. My hope is that everyone truly enjoys the process and has fun sewing something they’ll love and cherish forever! Maybe you’re keeping this one for yourself of maybe you’re gifting it to a loved one…either way it’s going to amazing! I’m posting information now so that everyone can plan ahead and arrange their schedules!

The Hearts at Home quilt along will go five weeks from April 6th to May 11th and will take place on Instagram using the hashtag #heartsathomeqal. You’ll want to make sure you’re following me here on my blog for updates and announcements. I also have some fun prizes I’m lining up as well because who doesn’t love prizes!?

Hearts at Home
Quilted by: Marion Bott

I used our Walkabout fabric collection for Hearts at Home and I will be using Summer Sweet for the quilt along. There are so many different variations of this quilt I would love to make and I’ll probably end up making all of them. One that I really want to make for both my girls is an all red and pink version as shown below! There are so many color combo options! So many decisions!

I hope you love making Hearts at Home! Be sure to pick up a pattern here and follow my blog for updates as the quilt along gets closer! You can find me on Instagram as @chelsistratton where I will post updates and announcements as well!

Leave a comment below if you’re in! What are you most excited about? Is there someone special you’ll be gifting this quilt to? Can’t wait to chat more!



Bloomtopia Release 2

Hello there! Today is Bloomtopia Release 2 day! Can you believe it has already been two weeks since our first release? So crazy how time flies when you’re sewing pretty things!

This weeks block is the Carolina Lily Block. I absolutely love flower blocks and this one is just gorgeous! We are sewing with Summer Sweet which is our most recent fabric collection with Moda Fabrics. If you ordered a kit from Fat Quarter shop I hope you are enjoying these fabrics! We sure love how bright and happy they are!

I have also really loved seeing all of the various fabrics used while scrolling through social media this week! Everyone has a great eye for color and it really shows everyone’s fun style!

This block is easy to piece and uses basic construction methods (no triangle paper this week)! You can find the link to this weeks release on the Jolly Jabber blog here. You will also be able to view a video here with fun tips and helpful tricks!

I hope you enjoy making this weeks block! We have been enjoying the response to Bloomtopia and also how big of an impact it will make in people’s lives. I truly believe it is so important to give back and engage in a good cause!

Thank you for sewing along! Fat Quarter Shop has released three bonus finishing patterns and an adorable mini blue bird quilt too! Each time a milestone is reached they have been releasing some very fun things!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! If you’re just chiming in, you can find my blog post on Release 1 here! Happy sewing!



Perfectly Pretty Patchwork Baby Quilt

Hello there!

I was thrilled to join in and make a sweet baby quilt from the Perfectly Pretty Patchwork book authored by Kristyne Czepuryk of Pretty by Hand. Everything in it is so sweet and you can tell there is so much attention to detail. I was so happy I was able to participate and support a friend who is extremely talented (definitely check out her Instagram feed and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

I chose to make the Flying Geese Baby Quilt! As you can see, I used various green prints from our collections and some from designer Corey Yoder. Lately, I have been dreaming of Spring so green was the perfect color for this quilt.

This quilt was easy to piece which is totally my jam! If you need to whip up a baby quilt that’s cute and quick to make then it’s going to be your go to! I even had leftover triangles that I saved to make a matching pillow set!

I didn’t have time to get this quilted so be sure to check Kristyne’s feed for more fun pictures and extra details! She added the sweetest lace trimming to her quilt and I can’t wait to add some to mine!

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check back in this Friday when I share Release 2 for Bloomtopia! You can read more about Release 1 here! Have a wonderful week friends!



Bloomtopia Release 1

Hello there!

Today is the day! Bloomtopia Release 1 day to be exact! I am so excited to share some fun information about the charity quilt along as well as the cute blocks in Release 1! Before I go into things…if you are just joining in on all the fun you can find the Bloomtopia fabric requirements here!

I really enjoyed making the blocks in Release 1 (yes, you heard me right…there are TWO cute blocks in Release 1, the Over and Under block and the Bright Future’s Variation block!)

Bloomtopia Release 1 Blocks, Over and Under & Bright Future’s Variation

These blocks are fast and easy to piece. For the Over and Under block you will be using an easy corner method and simple piecing. These tend to go quickly as you’ll be able to chain piece.

For the Bright Future’s Variation block you will be using triangle paper. I will admit this was my first time working with triangle paper and I absolutely loved it! This method ensures that you have perfect half square triangles for your finished block. I’m definitely sold and will be using this method more often. You can find the Bloomtopia Release 1 here!

You’ll also note that I used our most recent fabric line, Summer Sweet. We were thrilled when Fat Quarter Shop wanted to use Summer Sweet for Bloomtopia! If you were able to snag a cute kit from Fat Quarter Shop I hope you enjoy these bright colors and fun prints! We have sure loved how happy they are and I am so excited to see everybody’s different versions too! Also, don’t forget to check out the Jolly Jabber Blog here for more information about the quilt along, giveaways, and videos with tips and tricks for assembling your blocks!

Bloomtopia Quilt

We hope you have so much fun sewing along! I love that this is for such a great cause and that it brings together a community of quilter’s! Be sure to check in again for Release 2 in a couple weeks on February 15th!



Merry Mini Quilt Christmas Quilt Along: Week 4

Hello there and happy Tuesday!! Welcome to week four of the Merry Mini Quilt Christmas quilt along! I can’t believe we are nearing the end of all the fun!

This weeks block hosted by Pat Sloan is the Tree Block.

I have been using Harper’s Garden for this project. The reds and greens from our collection are a bright and perfectly festive match for the Tree Block!

One of my favorite things about this quilt along is the easy construction used to piece the blocks. Plus, I really love a good mini project that goes together quickly. I’m always looking for quick to piece projects that I can whip out right before a holiday!

Be sure to head on over to Pat Sloans blog here to read about and see her version!

And don’t forget to head over to the Jolly Jabber Blog here for the finishing pattern reveal next Tuesday July 30th!

Thank you for following along during this fun quilt along hosted by Fat Quarter Shop! I can’t wait to see all of your finished blocks and progress shots along the way!!

P.s. don’t forget to use the hashtags #merryminimysteryquilt #merryminiquilt #christmasinjuly #fqsquiltalong

Happy sewing!!